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9/1, B. Maryinskaya ul., Moscow 129085, Russia
Marguerite group Communications Agency: complex and individual approach to solving business tasks of the customer.

We offer complex communication solutions based on:

- your business goals;

- Analysis of the state of things in your product category;

- Analysis of strategies of your competitors and their brands positioning;

- Specifics of your products use and the end-users’ behavior;

- Lifecycle phases of your product;

- Your company’s potential.

Marguerite group Communications Agency specializes in:

- Development of complex communication solutions;

- Positioning development;

- Development of promotion strategies;

- Market researches;

- Start up;

- Post-production and creative ideas;

- PR-promotion and support;

- Event;

- Media planning and media buying.

We work with new and already existing business ideas: from the project’s launch to its support.

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