GREEN PLANET, Construction Materials Plant

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6, Lobacheva ul., Podolsk, the Moscow region 142116, Russia
The construction materials for a healthy lifestyle that GREEN PLANET manufactures (innovative construction termo-insulation on the basis of special fibers Organic Fiber) are absolutely safe for a person - we care about our clients and the world in which we live. GREEN PLANET also produces the unique thermo-insulation system for rapid development structures FORAPROFI - we erect and insulate all kind sof warehouses and tent halls in the shortest timeframes, starting from 10 days. The company is a part of GC "Ves Mir" - non-woven materials Market Leader for 17 years in a row. Producing high quality goods using advanced technologies, to meet the daily needs of a modern person has been the mission of the company where over 350 professionals work providing the highest standards and serious production volumes.

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